Becas para PhD – The Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics, and Social Sciences en Alemania

CGS admits up to 10 fellows a year. Students are admitted by the Board of CGS based on their grades, expertise and availability of a potential supervisor.

To be admitted, students must hold a Master’s Degree or a Diploma in a discipline relevant to the curriculum and research interests of CGS. Relevant disciplines are Economics, Management, Finance, Social/Political Sciences, Energy Economics/Policy, Econometrics/Statistics and related fields. Candidates must have a proven record of academic excellence and belong to the top 10% in their respective field.

Fellows receive a monthly stipend of EUR 1.200 for three years. No tuition is charged. Following a successful evaluation after the first year, fellowships will be extended for another two years. A full PhD program runs for three years. Extension of fellowships beyond this period is not possible. Fellowships are tax-free. Students will have a fully equipped office within the CGS department, full access to all libraries and other university institutions and additional funds for participation in conferences, summer schools, etc.

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