Becas para Estudios de Maestría en Optica y Fotónica – Universitit Karlsruhe

The graduate school KSOP offers an elaborated scholarship program for excellent students who want to study the M.Sc. in Optics & Photonics. Part of the scholarship is a research assistantship. Within the scope of this assistantship, you will have the opportunity to work on a research project in one of the KSOP institutes.

B.Sc. Degree in in Optics & Photonics, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, computer science, biology or medical science. The scholarship is first admitted for 12 months. At the end you have to proof your successful participation in the KSOP M.Sc. Program through very good study results in order to get an extension of the scholarship for another 12 months.

Fecha cierre convocatoria beca 15 julio 2017
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