Prácticas Profesionales Remuneradas en Temas de Juventud, Mujeres y Liderazgo – Naciones Unidas

UNFPA is seeking two of the brightest and most ambitious youth globally to be a part our Fellowship Programme. This opportunity of a lifetime is a fully funded programme with expenses related to travel, stipend, accommodation and health insurance covered by UNFPA.

This exciting development opportunity will see two fellows join us at UNFPA Headquarters in New York for a period of one year (July 2016-June 2017). Fellows will undergo leadership training for a period of three months (July-September 2016), before they are placed in a management operations role for a period of nine months, continuing their fellowship in various Headquarters work units such as: Human Resources, Finance, Management Information Systems, Communications, or External Affairs.

Fecha cierre convocatoria 22 febrero 2016
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