Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships in Criminology and/or Sociology of Law – Noruega

The purpose of the fellowships is to qualify researchers for work in top academic positions within criminology or sociology of law.

The fellowships are for a period of up to 4 years, with teaching constituting 25 % of the workload. The fellowships require the candidate to meet current teaching needs at the Department. The fellowship period may be reduced within the framework of current regulations based on previously held research fellowship positions.

Post-doctoral research fellows who are appointed for a period of 4 years are expected to acquire basic pedagogical competency in the course of their fellowship period within the duty component of 25 %.


The candidates must hold a doctoral degree in criminology or sociology of law, or in an equivalent field. Only candidates who have submitted their doctoral thesis prior to the application closing date may apply for the position. A prerequisite for taking up the position is the successful completion of a doctoral degree.

Fecha cierre de convocatoria: 20 agosto 2015
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