ICTP-IAEA Sandwich Training Educational Programme – Italia

The Sandwich Training Educational Programme (STEP) aims at offering fellowship opportunities to Ph.D. students from developing countries in the fields of physics and mathematics.

The goal of the STEP is to strengthen the scientific capability of young scientists and researchers from developing countries to better contribute and serve the scientific, technical, and economic development of their home countries.

The STEP offers fellowships to candidates from the IAEA member States in the following fields:

  • atomic and nuclear physics
  • nuclear, isotope and laser techniques applied to:
    • human health
    • agriculture
    • biotechnology and biophotonics
    • water resources and environmental studies
    • synchrotron radiation and applications
    • medical radiation physics

with financial support provided by the IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation through the IAEA Technical Cooperation Fund. The IAEA must receive an official endorsement for the fellow from the fellow’s country.

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