Becas Universitarias en Ciencias Sociales para la Charles University de la República Checa

Thanks to a generous contribution from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the Faculty of Social Sciences is able to offer a limited number of partial scholarships for students of all fee based programs in academic year 2016/2017. A total of seven scholarships are available, ear-marked for students from developing countries and/or countries going through a process of political and economic transition.
What is on offer

  • Under the terms of this scholarship, students will receive a waiver of school fees for their first semester of study, plus a one-off payment of 50 000 CZK (about 2050 EUR) as a contribution towards living costs.
  • School fees for the second semester of study will NOT be waived.
  • Although we would like to continue the scholarship scheme in school year 2017/18, this is subject to our receiving further funding for future years. At present, therefore, we cannot guarantee that similar scholarships will be available for students’ second year of study.

Fecha límite de beca 30 abril 2016
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