Becas TWAS – ICIPE 2014 para PhD en Fisiología y Ecología de los Insectos

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) in Nairobi, Kenya, and TWAS offer three fellowships per year to young scientists from developing countries (other than Kenya) who wish to undertake their PhD studies in Kenya.

Applicants for the full-time postgraduate fellowships must:

  • Be permanent residents in a developing country (other than Kenya).
  • Be a maximum of between 35 and 40 years of age by 31 December in the year of application.
  • Hold a university degree (minimum qualification is a Master’s degree).
  • Provide evidence that s/he will return to their home country/country on completion of the fellowship.
  • Not take up other assignments during the period of his/her fellowship.
  • Be financially responsible for any accompanying family member.
  • Have official acceptance at an eligible department, institution or laboratory at icipe.

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