Becas para PhD Research in Petrology/Tectonophycis – Noruega

We are seeking candidates for two PhD positions within the project ‘Disequilibrium Metamorphism of Stressed Lithosphere’ (DIME) funded by an ERC Advanced grant.

The PhD positions will be part of the cross-disciplinary research group ‘Physics of Geological Processes’ (PGP) at the University of Oslo. PGP includes researchers from Department of Geosciences and Department of Physics and combine field studies, experimental studies, numerical modeling and theory to understand geological processes.

The aim of the PhD projects is to increase our understanding of what processes control the rate and progress of retrograde, fluid-consuming, metamorphic reactions and how these are coupled to tectonic stress. One project is focused on ongoing serpentinization, and will be based on data collected during a planned continental drilling project in the Semail ophiolite in Oman. The second project is focused on retrograde metamorphism within the continental crust and includes field studies both in Norway and elsewhere.

Both projects will include field studies, mineralogical, petrological and geochemical characterization of sampled material, X-ray micro-tomography (µ-CT), and modeling of fluid migration and reaction kinetics in rocks subject to stress.

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