Becas para Doctorado de la Trudeau Foundation de Canadá

Encouraging emerging talent by awarding scholarships to the most talented doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences.

The Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship is tenable for three years. During their third year, Trudeau Scholars may apply for a thesis writing scholarship or a postdoctoral scholarship, for a fourth year of financing. The Scholarship of up to $180,000 consists of two distinct financial categories:

(1) an annual stipend of $40,000, which is intended to cover the cost of tuition and reasonable living expenses. If a Trudeau Scholar concurrently holds other scholarships or fellowships that allow for the accumulation of awards, and if the total value of those external awards exceeds $10,000, the Foundation will subtract the amount over $10,000 from the $40,000 annual stipend.

(2) an annual travel allowance of $20,000, which is available to support research-related travel and to cover networking expenses associated with the Foundation’s Public Interaction program

Far beyond a financial assistance, the Trudeau Scholarship offers award winners the opportunity to interact with an exciting community of leaders and committed individuals in every field of the social sciences and humanities.

Cierre convocatoria: Enero 2012

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