Becas para Curso de Verano Clinton Institute – Irlanda

The 2015 Clinton International Summer School, in partnership with the INCORE Summer School at Ulster University. is a one-week intensive scholarship program for university students from post-conflict and developing regions.

The curriculum is designed to promote entrepreneurship, leadership and community engagement and prepare the students to advance positive change and economic development in their home communities. The program provides the participants with a unique opportunity to experience first-hand Northern Ireland’s historical conflict and that region’s continuing road to reconciliation, peace and prosperity.

The module will describe and evaluate the impact that new technologies, in areas such as education, medicine, security and communication, have on peace strategies and conflict transformation.

The students are required to identify in advance an entrepreneurial or technology project that would improve the economic and social conditions in their home region. The module is run in partnership with the Nerve Center and under the auspices of the newly launched PeaceTech.Lab. It will include, not only a theoretical background on key issues but hands on work in the FabLab at the Nerve Center crafting and building new projects, concepts and ideas using state of the art equipment. A discreet element will then guide learners through the practicalities of commercializing an idea and making it market ready as an entrepreneurial undertaking. The module will appeal to anyone with an interest in peacebuilding and technology, or those from a technology background interested in how technology can contribute to social good. The module does not require specific technology skills. Practical work can be tailored to your level of experience and knowledge.

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