Becas Investigación Doctoral en Legitimidad de los Tribunales y Cortes Internacionales – Noruega

Up to five 3 year postdoctoral fellowships are available at PluriCourts, a Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order, a multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Law, Department of Public and International Law of University of Oslo.

The postdoctoral researchers will study international courts and tribunals (ICs) in one or more of five issue areas: human rights, trade, investment, international criminal courts and the environment. There is a slight preference for research on human rights and trade. The research should apply methodology from the fields of political science, philosophy and/or law, with a slight preference for applicants in political science or political philosophy.


  • Applicants must hold a degree equivalent to a Norwegian master and doctoral degree (PhD) in law, a PhD in political science or a PhD in philosophy or political theory. To be eligible, the applicant must have submitted his/her doctoral dissertation for evaluation by the closing date.
  • Proficiency in English is required, as the work will be conducted in English. Applicants who are not native speakers of English must document their proficiency in English.
  • The successful candidate is expected to participate in common activities at the Centre, such as book editing, writing grant applications, lecturing at seminars among others.
  • In assessing the applications, special emphasis will be placed on the quality of the project description and how it contributes to PluriCourts’ research plan, and on the assumed academic and personal ability on the part of the candidates to complete the project within the given time frame. Short-listed applicants may be called for an interview at the University of Oslo.

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