Becas Fundación Carolina para Master en Marketing – España

The Master in Marketing at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is a one academic course program offered in Madrid. The program is designed to provide a high quality specialization in the marketing discipline, nurturing technical and attitudinal skills to develop a rewarding marketing career in the global business environment. We prepare recent graduates and young professionals with limited work experience from around the world for leading marketing positions. The hallmark of our program combines the rigor of cutting-edge analytic tools embedded by academic researchers, with the down-to-earth contribution of experienced professionals.

The Msc in Marketing is intended to prepare students for professional practice. The program equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to reach top marketing positions. Specifically the objective of the master’s is to develop 3 different areas of competence:
-skills in Marketing Management (including strategic marketing and marketing mix tactics).
-expertise in Market Research (including qualitative and quantitative market research, experiments,).
-business analytics to support marketing decision making (including statistics/econometrics, sales response models, operational planning).

Fecha cierre convocatoria beca 06 marzo 2016
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