Becas Erasmus Mundus para Maestría en Tecnología en Inteligencia de Negocios – Europa

Business Intelligence (BI) promises an organization of the capability of collecting and analyzing internal and external data to generate knowledge and value, providing decision support at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. Now that we live in a knowledge society, people and organizations are immersed in a constantly flowing torrent of information, and businesses succeed or fail based largely on how effectively they collect, clean, transform, integrate, store, explore, analyze and monitor this information to predict future trends and make the best decisions. To succeed in this day and age, organizations can no longer afford to treat information and communication technologies as administrative tools, but need to embrace them as a strategic asset and embed them fully in their decision-making process.

The added value of IT4BI consists of:

  • a two-year, English-language course in BI, given by world-renowned European institutions who jointly designed the courses and programme, including three choices of specialisation
  • the first curriculum in Europe covering the broad scope of scientific and technological fields supporting today and tomorrow’s Business Intelligence systems
  • strong connections with research and industry, offered by 5 full partner HEIs cooperating with many industrial associated partners, national research institutes, regional public authorities, HEIs around the world, and a European HEI network, all contributing to the programme and its development.

Candidates are required to apply via the IT4BI online application form. Importantly, students from Programme Countries currently on their last year of Bachelor can submit their application even if they have not yet their diploma. If they are selected they need to submit their diploma and final grades for the last year not later than June 30th, 2015.

Candidates are informed that their personal data will be sent to the Agency and may be used by other bodies involved in the management of Erasmus+ (i.e. European Commission, Erasmus Mundus National Structures, EU Delegations, Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association) for facilitating the student/doctoral candidate access to the joint programme.

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