Becas de Estudio Master en Moda, Design, Artes Visuales y Management – Italia

Description of the Theme: “Design for a Better World”
IED calls young creatives to develop ideas and projects describing the theme “Design for a better World”
Please apply this concept to the area of studies that you prefer, Fashion, Design,Visual Communication, Management and Communication.
“Design for a better World” – Nowadays, being creative can have a lot of meanings. It means being curious, adventurous, sensitive, independent, inventing new things, but above all it means seeing things that others do not. The design can change the world alias has been changing the world for the best, creating new products, finding innovative solutions, describing things from a new perspective. How can design help the world, the people, the government, companies, etc.? Your concept is related to your personal opinions, to everything you dream about and you believe can make this world better. A design for a better world can reveal your energy, your ideas about the purpose of an object, about sustainability, eco-design, about anything related to the Fashion and Design world. With your design you can “give the world a better design”
Candidates have to propose ideas working on themes such as design, democracy, innovation, creativity and using their individual experiences and global needs. They will have to propose innovative and democratic suggestions and solutions in order to offer to the market: quality, creativity, accessible and sustainable pieces and environments.

For each IED area a briefing has been defined.
Candidates must develop the theme related to the Master program they wish to apply for.
The choice of the element to design or describe depends on the course they choose.

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