Beca para Investigación Posdoctoral en Plasma y Física del Espacio – Noruega

The position is funded through the research project “Cometary plasma environment studied by the Rosetta spacecraft”. The Rosetta spacecraft is currently accompanying the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and providing measurements of the comet environment and activity on the journey towards the Sun. This is the first time ever a comet is studied in such a detail. The research project is primarily concerned with analysis of data from the Rosetta spacecraft, in particular from the Langmuir probe (LAP) and other instruments within the Rosetta Plasma Consortium (RPC), as well as numerical modeling of the probe performance in the complex plasma environment. One of the main questions addressed is the role of dust in the plasma composition and dynamic plasma phenomena in the vicinity of a comet. A part of the project is related to data analysis from a sounding rocket for the dusty plasma experiment.

The candidate is expected to actively collaborate with national partners, as well as international partners in Sweden, USA, and the RPC team. The fellowship also includes longer visits/stays abroad (up to six months’ research stay).

Fecha cierre convocatoria de beca: 20 septiembre 2015
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