Beca para Doctorado en Química en The University of Copenhagen

The scholarships are open to Danish and international applicants. Normally, we expect applicants to have obtained an MSc degree in Chemistry but it is also possible to enroll in the 4+4 scheme either with an honors (4 year) bachelor or with a 3 year BSc degree and 1 MSc year already completed. This model requires an addition year of study, a midway qualification exam, and lower salary for the first two years.

An assessment committee that evaluates the applications will be appointed. Each applicant will be notified of the composition of the committee and will receive the part of the evaluation that concerns her/him. The main criterion for selection of the PhD candidates will be the research potential of the applicant. The final selection of successful candidates will be made by the Head of the Department, based on the recommendations made by the evaluation committee.

The successful candidate will then be requested to formally apply for enrollment as a PhD student at the PhD School, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen and to start their enrollment not later than December 1st 2013.

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