Beca Erasmus Mundus para Maestría en Biología Evolucionaria – Europa

Each year, the European Commission grants a number of Erasmus Mundus scholarships to highly qualified students participating in the MEME programme. There are two basic types of scholarships: Category A and Category B, where Category B refers to “European” students (EU plus a list of other countries while Category A refers to non-European (“third-country”) students. The number of scholarships available changes from year to year and will at present be around ten.

For detailed information on Erasmus Mundus scholarships, the rules and regulations associated with these scholarships, and the exact definitions of the two categories the reader should consult the Erasmus Mundus Programme Guide. Scholarships for both categories of students cover the MEME participation fee, which includes all participation costs such as tuition fees, administration costs, insurance, and language courses (see Section 9.1).

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