Beca Dr. Eduard Gübelin para Maestría, PhD o Posdoctorado 2014 para Investigación Gemológica

The Dr. Eduard Gübelin Association for Research & Identification of Precious Stones ? a not-for-profit entity of the Gübelin Group ? announces the establishment of the Dr. Eduard Gübelin Research Scholarship, an annual grant to be allocated to an innovative research project in the field of gemmology.

Dr. Eduard J. Gübelin (1913-2005) devoted his life and career to the study of gemstones and to advancing the science of gemmology. After celebrating the 100th anniversary of Dr. Gübelin last year, the introduction of this scholarship coincides with the 90th anniversary of the Gübelin Gem Lab, established in 1924. The annual Dr. Eduard Gübelin Research Scholarship will support a cutting-edge research project in the field of gemmology in the broadest sense.

The scholarship is directed at MSc/PhD students or post-doctoral researchers in the fields of earth sciences (mineralogy, geology, geochemistry), crystallography, chemistry, physics, material sciences, archaeology, biology, and related fields. The successful project proposal has to be truly innovative, with demonstrable novel thinking; it must venture into new areas, test new concepts and methods, and hence contribute to the advancement of gemmological knowledge.

The scholarship will be granted once a year to a scientist for a proposed research project. Depending on the type of project, the research might involve collaboration with the Gübelin Gem Lab. This could entail the use of its assets, resources and knowledge database, including access to analytical equipment and samples from the Gübelin Reference Collection, as well as support and collaboration with its research staff.

The overall annual value of the scholarship is CHF 30,000 (USD 33,000).

Fecha cierre de la convocatoria: 30 junio 2014
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