Beca de Investigación y Posdoctorado en Modelado de Paleoclima – Noruega

The main goal of the newly established Norwegian Center of Excellence CEED is to develop models that explain how mantle processes drive plate tectonics and trigger massive volcanism and associated environmental and climate changes throughout Earth’s history. Research on paleoclimates is one of CEED core activities. Researchers in the “Dynamic Earth” and “Earth Crises” groups aim to understand the interactions between solid earth carbon degassing in continental and oceanic areas and the resulting atmospheric and biospheric impacts, on a range of temporal scales.

We call upon a researcher at senior level. A long term goal with the climate modelling in CEED is to build upon our expertise in plate tectonic modelling and volcanic system studies and reconstruct global paleo-environments at selected times in the geological past. In particular we would like to implement our results into high complexity climate modelling, and the successful candidate is expected to contribute to these activities.

CEED provides a stimulating and well-funded research environment and offers a broad interdisciplinary computation and numerical simulation environment. Access to local and national supercomputer facilities is also available.

Fecha cierre de convocatoria: 11 mayo 2014
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