Beca de Investigación Posdoctoral en la Física de los Semiconductores – Universidad de Oslo

The fellowship period is for 3 years. The position is supported by the Norwegian Research Council through project “Oxygen complexes in solar silicon” (OxSil). The work will focus on characterization of oxygen-related complexes in silicon. Preferable starting date is in spring 2016.

The infrastructure at University of Oslo includes the Micro- and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MiNaLab) with a clean room area in excess of 400 m2 as well as adjacent advanced characterization facilities.


The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has a strategic ambition of being a leading research faculty. Candidates for this position will be selected in accordance with this, and expected to be in the upper segment of their class with respect to academic credentials.

  • Applicants must have a PhD degree or other corresponding education equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in physics or similar.
  • Good understanding of semiconductor physics is required.
  • Candidates with both experimental and theoretical/modelling experience are welcome.
  • Background in opto-electronic characterization techniques, such as FTIR (in particular), PL, DLTS or similar, is an advantage. The work will focus on characterization of oxygen-related complexes in silicon.
  • The successful candidate must have at least one publication in PRL, PRB, APL or JAP as a first author. Due to the fundamental character of the studies, candidates with publications in PRL and/or PRB will have an advantage.

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