Beca de Investigación Doctoral en los Tiempos Geológicos – Universidad de Oslo

The successful applicant will address the issues of the main project, Geological times: Heritage and history of knowledge. This main project aims to address the establishment of and changes in regimes of historicity within different time periods. The applicant will design a project based on work with the archives of the Mining Seminar in Kongsberg, founded in 1757, and/or archives from other European Mining Seminars in the same period. The project should explore how new conceptions of geological time were negotiated in relation to wider knowledge cultures in the 18th century and investigate the establishment of new regimes of historicity.

The successful candidate will join the department’s vibrant and internationally oriented research community in cultural history and museology, where contemporary perspectives within heritage studies are in fruitful dialogues with historical approaches.

Fecha cierre de convocatoria beca 22 febrero 2016
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